Discover how to configure your Helix Ultimate powered site with ease. Manage theme settings, customize presets and build page layouts all in one.

Open the Template Options

The following settings can be found in the Joomla AdministratorSystemSite Template Styles → select your template(ie: Enterprise) and click → Template Options button.

Setting Panels

The Helix Ultimate customizer is split into a panel and a live frame preview. The Panel offers a navigation across the different setting panels of Helix Ultimate. You will learn about these setting panels in next sections below. Here is a short overview of all WarpTheme template setting panels and their content.




Open layout-related settings for the logo, toolbar, header, mobile, page title, body, footer, contact info, coming soon and error page configuration


Open the style customizer, the Presets panel gives you the ability to quickly and easily configure color settings related to the appearance of the Helix-powered template.


Layout Manager allowing you to build a flexible layout based on module positions.


Manage menus and their items quickly. You can use this panel to build your mega menu or define the mobile menu type based on header, toolbar left/right position.


Open the typography customizer to change the font of your site.


Open layout-related settings for the blog layout and article.

Custom Code

Add custom JavaScript and CSS code to the website.


This section of Helix Ultimate options gives you access to advanced settings like Cookie banner, compression, scss compile, fontawesome setting, image, import & export template setting.

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