Changing the Name of a Theme

In this guide, we will go over the steps you need to know to change the name of the free Joomla 4 template from WarpTheme.

Step 1: Download, Unzip, and Open Template Name

Browse the Joomla Templates page and download one of the Joomla template package name

Once you have downloaded the latest version of the Enterprise template, unzip it and open the unzipped folder in your preferred text editor (Visual Studio code or Sublime Text).

Step 2: Change Names of Files

Here are some of the files you would want to modify to reflect the new template name:

File Name



This is template installation file.


This file designates the English values for the theme's name, description, and more for the template(back-end/front-end).


This file contains rating helper classes for the theme.


This XML file holds the basic meta-data that Joomla! needs in order to display and provide it as template option in the backend. Learn more about the template detail here

Step 3: Search Files for the Template Name

Open installer.xml , search and replace enterprise_pro (line 12) with the new name, i.e: your_name

Open en-GB.tpl_enterprise_pro.ini and replace ENTERPRISEPRO="Enterprise Pro" with the new name, i.e: YOUR_NAME="Your theme name"

Once this is done, you need to rename the language file to the new name, for example en-GB.tpl_your_name.ini, like so

Open helper.php file and change the class name TplEnterpriseProHelper to TplYourNameHelper

Last, open templateDetails.xml then change the name and update the new language file name.

Once this is done, save your changes and zip the parent folder of the template. You should be able to install the new template with its new name.

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