Module Positions

Learn how to create new positions, layouts and styles for Joomla modules.
WarpTheme Joomla Template comes with 42 available module positions where any number of modules can be published. These module positions are defined via templateDetails.xml
Add a New Position
Creating a new position is simple, you can add a new position to the templateDetails.xml to make your content management system know it exists.
The new module position will then be displayed in your Module position settings.
Render Module Position using Layout builder.
Layout builder allowing you to build a flexible layout based on module positions. Here you can define where module positions get rendered and add new ones.
Example, you can assign the new module position to an existing grid column or simply create a new section layout and then assign the module position to grid column.
In this tutorial, we will add a new section layout (name My Position) above the Main Body section and then assign the module position to new section.
Go to BasicLayout and add new section layout by clicking the PLUS button
Add section name and assign the module position
Section Name
Add a section name
Assign new position from Module Position list.