Page Title
Show off the page layout with titles, images and a short description of your Joomla website.
The Page Title is used to publish the content below the navigation. Page Title can be configured to be on any pages with different titles, descriptions as well as background images.
The breadcrumb module position is added to the page title section by default.
Example the typography page without Page Title
Typo page with Page Title enabled.


The following settings can be found in the Basic β†’ Page title panel.
Page title options
In order to use the Page Title options, you need to create a layout section for the Page title via Layout builder setting. By default, the Page title has already added like so:
By default, page title is not enabled for menu items, you need to enable the page title manually by going to Menus β†’ Main Menu β†’ select the menu item that you want to use page title(e.g: Blog) β†’ click tab Page Title β†’ Enable Page Title
Background Image
Set a background image for the page title.
You can use this option to select a global background for the Page title section. Or you can set a special background image for each page via Menus β†’ Main Menu β†’ Menu Item.
Determine whether the image will fit the section dimensions by clipping it or by filling the empty areas with the background color.
Set the initial background position, relative to the section layer.
Display the image only on this device width and larger.
Blend mode
Determine how the image or video will blend with the background color.
Background Color
Use the background color in combination with blend modes or a transparent image, or to fill the area if the image doesn't cover the whole section.
Inverse Color
Force a light or dark color for text on background image.
Center, left and right alignment for text content.
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