Configure what's under the hood of your website.
This section of Helix Ultimate options gives you access to advanced settings. From there you can enable compression, enable Lazy loading, disable/enable Font Awesome, update a list of available Google Fonts, add Google Analytics Code, and Import-Export template settings.
Show a banner to inform your visitors of cookies used by your website.
Cookie Banner options
Cookie Banner
Choose between a simple notification that cookies are loaded or require a mandatory consent before loading cookies.
Choose between an attached bar or a notification.
Choose the position of the cookie banner.
Choose the style of the cookie banner.
Enter the cookie consent message.
Consent Button Style
Choose the consent button style.
Consent Button Text
Enter the consent button text.


To optimize page load time, You can enable this option to compress and combine all CSS template files to increase website performance by reducing loading time.
Compress CSS Files: Enable this option to compress and combine all CSS files.
Compress Javascript files: Enable this option to compress and combine all Javascript files
Notice! Do not use CSS compression from Template Options with another optimization extension, like JCH Optimize (Free/Pro). Use only one of them.
Compile SCSS to CSS - enable this option will compress all SCSS files during each load of your website if the SCSS file has been changed or edited. Turn off this option if your site is in production mode.
Compile SCSS to CSS
Font Settings
Enable/Disable font icon or update google font using Google Font API.
Fontawesome/Uikit Icon and Google Font API
Enable Font Awesome
You can enable/disable the Font Awesome icons on your website
Enable Uikit Icon
You can use this option to enable/disable Uikit icons.
Google Font API
Enter your Google Font API key to update the font list.
Image Lazy Loading
Enable this option will allow you to load all of your images in a lazy mode. This will defer all the offscreen images.
Image Lazy Loading
Import & Export
With Helix Ultimate you can export template all basic settings and store them for later use, also for other websites. Template settings structure is saved as .json file. The saved file doesn't contain any images (logos, favicon) - only links to those resources.
Import & Export Layout Settings
  • Click "Export Settings" to export .json file settings.
  • Click "Import Settings" to import .json file settings.
Enter your Google Analytics ID to enable tracking.
Google Analytics Code