All you need to know about menus in Helix Ultimate.

Inside the Menu tab you will find the following tabs:

  • Menu Builder - to manage menu structure and menu items content

  • Mega Menu - basic style settings for MegaMenu display

  • Menu Positions - to manage appearance and content of Mobile, Header, Toolbar Left/Right positions.

Menu Builder

Menu items can be added, edited, sorted and deleted directly in the Menu Builder panel without leaving template options.

Mega Menu

The first thing you will want to do is select the Parent menu item you wish to edit then check the checkbox Mega Menu

When you have done this, simply click the Add New Row button and its layout will load, ready for you to work with.

Now you can choose the column structure (it's based on Bootstrap columns grid) - you can use a pre-defined grid columns layout or create your own (Custom).

Anytime you would be able to delete or redesign layout structure by using icons on the top right position.

You can also change the order of columns content - hover on the column name until you would see a two-direction arrow icon then you can move the column to the left or ride side, later save settings to see changes.

Mega Menu

The Mega Menu style panel is where you can configure the mega menu styles used on the front end of the site. This does not affect the Menu style in Menu positions. Menus in Menu positions using their own style from Uikit :)

Dropdown Width: Width value is used to declare submenu width content area. By default is 200px. You can choose not only value itself but also different units for expressing width (px, em, rem, %).

Dropdown Animation - Mega Menu offers several transition options for your dropdown submenus:

  • No Animation

  • Fade In

  • Fade In Up

  • Fade In Down

  • Rotate In

  • Zoom In

  • Pulse

Menu Positions

The Menu Positions panel is where you can configure and refine menus used on the front end of the site for Mobile or any menus that assigned to special position like Header, Toolbar Left or Toolbar Right.

You can publish menus on specific positions without having to create a Joomla module. There are four menu positions available.

Mobile Menu is enabled by default, the style of the mobile menu will depend on the Mobile options where the Navbar style is configured.

Menu Position



The menu that shows up in the mobile header on smaller devices.


The main menu of the website that shows up in the header position.

Toolbar Left

Additional menu that appears in the toolbar left position.

Toolbar Right

Additional menu that appears in the toolbar right position.


Header Menu

This option enables you to add a Menu to Header position.

Choose between the Navbar or Subnav style for Menu. The Subnav divider and Subnav pill option will depend on the style where the Subnav is selected.

By default, all submenu items are published, using Maximum Level to limit the level of submenu item.

Toolbar Left/Right position.

You can also publish a menu on the toolbar left or toolbar right position.

The menu appears as a horizontal subnav on toolbar left or toolbar right position and only level 1 menu items are shown.

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