Customize the Body layout of the site.

The following settings can be found in the BasicBody panel.

By default, the website expands to the Full Width, you can use the Boxed Layout option which will wrap all of your page content into a boxed container or enable the preloader option to add the preloader effect on page load.

Boxed Layout




Position the page layout in center.

Add Top Margin

Add the top margin to the page layout.

Add Bottom Margin

Add the bottom margin to the page layout.

Header outside the container

Display the header outside the container.

Background Image

Once an image is selected, there are some additional settings for the background image.



Background Image

Select background image for Boxed container.

Image Size

Set the background image size.

Image Position

Set the initial background position relative to the page layer. By default, the image is centered.

Image Effect

Add a parallax effect or fix the background with regard to the viewport while scrolling.


Display the image only on this device width and larger.

Background Color

Set the boxed background color.

Parallax Background Effect

Once parallax is selected for Image effect, there are some additional settings for the parallax animation.




Animate the horizontal position (translateX) in pixels.


Animate the vertical position (translateY) in pixels.

Parallax Easing

Determine how the speed of the animation behaves over time

Parallax Breakpoint

It is useful to disable the parallax animation on small viewports.

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