Getting WarpTheme template up and running takes no longer than a minute.
When you purchase our Joomla! template, you'll then be taken to the Downloads page. Click on the template file name to download or you can check back anytime by going to Customer Area page.

Install a Joomla Template

Package file name:
Install the Joomla Template package file by navigating to System → Extensions → Install. Locate the downloaded ZIP and click Upload & Install to begin the installation process.
Installing a WarpTheme Joomla template
Make sure you have not installed a Joomla Quickstart package. It's a full Joomla installation and cannot be installed into an existing Joomla site.

Setting a Joomla Template as Default

After installing the template package, go to System → Site Template Styles, select the template (ie: Enterprise) and and click Default in the button toolbar.

Install Joomla Quickstart Packages

The Quickstart package is a Joomla demo package which is a full Joomla installation including Joomla Template from WarpTheme, 3rd extensions and the corresponding theme demo content. This is great if you don't want to start from scratch or if you would like to have a peek at how everything is put together.
Package file name:
The contains the Joomla backup archive (.jpa) and kickstart.php file (to extract your JPA archive directly on your server.)
Quick start package is a full Joomla installation package, It's strictly for use with a new Joomla installation to provide you with a duplicate of our demo for that particular template. It's cannot be installed into an existing Joomla site.
We are using Akeeba component to generate a Joomla Quickstart package. You have to install the quick start package just like a typical Joomla installation process.
Browse the Account Dashboard and download one of the Joomla quick start packages Unzip it to your web server directory.
When you are done, you can launch Kickstart by visiting its URL. It usually has the form of
Now just follow the regular Akeeba Kickstart installation instructions for the extraction.
Click Start button to start the Extraction process
Click Start button to start the Extraction process
Do not close this window while the extraction is in progress
Extracting files/folders from JPA file
When the extraction is complete, you will be presented with an option to launch the installer. Clicking on the large green button(Run the installer) will launch the installation process.
Run the installer
Click Next button to continue
Database: select database type, host name, User name(database username), Password (database password), Database Name and click Next
Parameter Explanation
  1. 1.
    Database type: select the database type: MySQLi or MySQL.
  2. 2.
    Hostname: enter your hostname in this field. In this example, we install in localhost so the hostname will be "localhost" but if you install from your hosting, you have to enter your hostname.
  3. 3.
    Username: enter the username to access your host.
  4. 4.
    Password: enter the password goes with the entered username to access your host.
  5. 5.
    Database Name: enter the database name
  6. 6.
    Database table name prefix: enter the table prefix the the database name.
Create a new database using the database wizard in cPanel and assign a database user full permissions. Please take a look Creating a Database for Joomla! documentation.
One the database restoration was successful, click Next Step
Configuration: Leave site parameters as default, scroll down to Super User -> select admin user settings panel then add the password for user admin(You can change the name for Super user later via Joomla Administrator → Users → Manage).
Note: You can override the default tmp and log paths by clicking button Override tmp and log paths
Click Next to finish the site restoration.
Close the window to return to Kickstart. Click the Clean Up button to start using your restored site.
Click Visit your site's frontend, your front-page will be same our Demo site.

Video Tutorial

How to Install Quickstart Package in Joomla 4
Most Joomla demo packages make additional use of third-party plugins. They are free and already preinstalled and configured in the demo package. Here is the list of all components.
​SP PageBuilder​
Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builder by Joomshaper
​ACY Mailing​
Free Joomla! newsletter plugin.
​Quix Page Builder​
Joomla Page Builder by ThemeXpert
​Convert Form​
A Joomla Form Builder that's offers seamless integration with the Acy Mailing component. Learn how to connect Convert form and ACY ​
Quickstart built with SP Pagebuilder already included 50+ WarpTheme Extra Add-ons for free. These extra add-ons working fine with both Sp Pagebuilder free/pro version.

Accessing the template option.

Once this is done, navigate to System → Site Template Styles → select the template you wish to configure then click the Template Options button.
Template options
This should take you to the overview of setting panels for that template.