Custom Code

Here you can insert additional scripts like the Google tracking code, CSS code, JS codes, and HTML tags. for example.




Any code you place here will appear in the head section of every page of your site. This feature is useful when you need to add verification code, JavaScript or CSS links to all pages.


Any code you place here will be appeared just after the opening body tag.

Before </body>

It will be added before the closing body tag in the theme.

Custom Css

You can use custom CSS to add your styles (code tweaks) or overwrite default CSS from a template or extension. This option is useful for small design changes.

There are several ways of adding your own custom CSS or custom JS to a Helix-based theme. For further information, take a look at the Customization section tutorial.

Custom Javascript

You can add custom JavaScript code. It loads your custom Javascript file after all other JavaScript files (except special hardcoded occasions), allowing you to be the last one who will affect your website.

This may be sufficient for smaller customizations, to load specific JavaScript or CSS/SCSS files take a look at Customization documentation.

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