The Presets panel gives you the ability to quickly and easily configure settings related to the appearance of the Helix-powered theme. This includes being able to switch between pre-configured presets, as well as to refine the look using custom style.

The following settings can be found in the Template OptionsPresets panel.

Select a Preset

The Preset Selector gives users the ability to quickly switch between Presets, with a pre-designed color palette and style settings.

Once you have selected the preset of your choice, you can further customize the style of the preset by clicking the pencil button, below.

Please note, Edit Preset feature is limited with basic color options, if you need more options to config the preset color, use the Custom Style option.

Custom Style

Once you have selected the custom style, you can further customize the color style for the whole part without limitation.

While editing/changing the color preset, please check and make sure the SCSS option is enabled automatic recompilation of SCSS files.

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