Customize the header and navigation bar of your website.

The following settings can be found in the BasicHeader panel.

By default, the Prepared Header Layouts option is enabled. If you don't want to use prepared header layout, you can disable this option and build your custom header layout by using the Layout builder.


We offer 18 predefined header layouts for your Joomla website. Prepared header layouts define the position of logo, navbar and search. The header layouts consist of three visual positions: logo, navbar/menu and header.




This position displays the logo.


This position displays the Navbar itself as well as the Navbar/Menu module


This position displays the header module position.

Max Width

Set the maximum content width for the header and navbar using the Max Width setting. The Default, Small, Large and Expand options add a horizontal padding which adjusts to the viewport width.

Header Height

Customize the header height.


Let the navbar stick at the top of the viewport while scrolling or only when scrolling up. There are three options available to control the navbar position and its behavior.




The navbar will move out of the viewport on scrolling.


The navbar will stick at the top of the viewport on scrolling.

Sticky on scroll up

The navbar will move out of the viewport when scrolling down, and it will become sticky on scrolling up

Select the navbar style for menu items.

Select the position that will display the search. You can choose to display the search either in the navbar or the header position.

Search Style

Support default and modal search style.

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